Our Unique Features Built for Creators & Fans

Your Feed

One Feed To Rule Them All

Everything you need to know about the Creators you follow gathered in a single feed.

Get Closer

Build Meaningful Connections

Interact with your favorite Creators on a whole different level. Live Events, Coach Session, Gaming Companion, you name it.

Donation Bounties

Support Your Creators

Create your Donation Bounties to support Creators in your own way. Direct your own content and make the donation easier than ever.

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You & Creators Have Never Been This Close

No one likes missing out. You only need Gaimz to keep up with all your favorite creators.

  • Connect with your account on any other platform to be in the know
  • Keep up with every update of your favorite Creators on Gaimz
  • Create your own collection of Creators
Donation BountiesCreate EventsFind your fans

The World’s Best Community-Building Platform for Creators

Own your brand. Grow your community. Gaimz makes it easier than ever to connect with fans for the Creators.

Create your exclusive events for subscribers, and enjoy trouble-free matchmaking with our Fan Finder tool. Set your donation goals and monetize it on your own. Let’s make history.


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It’s hard to imagine a perfect platform like this
So here are some screenshots

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Something You Might Want to Know

What is Gaimz?

Which platforms does Gaimz support?

Gaimz currently offers PC and Mac support! We also plan to release applications for multiple mobile devices in the near future - Stay tuned in our social media to know about upcoming features!

What are the features I can try out on Gaimz?

When is the official launch date of Gaimz?

How do I keep up with the latest news of Gaimz?

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